Our vision & cooking philosophy


Those who want what they have to are free: this is our guiding principle. A thought that shapes us and drives us every day. It is the basis for our work and has therefore also led us to our logo, the hummingbird.

We associate aspects such as creativity, uniqueness and freedom with it. Attributes that inspire the design of our restaurant as well as our cuisine and service.

We have now added the koi to the hummingbird, because it represents strength, perseverance and ambition. It is always on the lookout for new shores, its single-mindedness takes it to limits that it overcomes with courage, and in the process it is always evolving. Just like us at the TIM RAUE restaurant.


Kitchen style

 In the TIM RAUE restaurant we serve Asian-inspired cuisine, which can be characterised as a combination of Japanese product perfection, Thai aromatics and Chinese kitchen philosophy.

We therefore avoid side dishes such as bread, noodles and rice, as well as white sugar as far as possible. When it comes to dairy products, the kitchen works exclusively with lactose-free products. We also offer a vegan menu that does not contain any animal products.

We are happy to try to take slight allergies and intolerances into consideration, but if these are life-threatening to your health, please understand that we do not bear this responsibility. We will not offer you any meals in this case.



The ambience of the TIM RAUE restaurant is emphatically simple and characterised by the urban atmosphere of the big city of Berlin.

By harmoniously combining past and present, the interior also reflects the career of Tim Raue, who grew up in Kreuzberg: a floor made of poured asphalt, classic gallery lighting and furniture that looks like exhibits retain the character of the former Galerie Crone while embodying the raw character of Berlin Kreuzberg.

High-quality and simple furniture made of American walnut, fine Kvadrat fabrics, modern design classics such as the Eames Chair reinterpreted by Vitra and the Kolibri porcelain series developed by Tim Raue in cooperation with ASA SELECTION, on the other hand, stand for upscale gastronomy and today’s zeitgeist.