The hummingbird stands for the boundless gastronomic freedom that we have been living and cooking for more than ten years. That’s why this menu dances without attitude – but with upbeat dishes from eleven years.


We have bundled the newest dishes and seasonal taste ideas under the name “koi”, since this menu is constantly seeking new shores and showcases the newest creations from out 2-star kitchen.


The familiar play of flavours of sweetness, spiciness and acidity, but free of animal products and without sacrificing enjoyment. Typical Tim Raue creations are presented here in their vegan adaptation.

Wine List

Pure wine is poured by head sommelier Raphael Reichardt: With over 800 positions entirely to his and Marie-Anne Wild and Tim Raue’s personal taste, wine is a matter close to the restaurant’s heart.


Short, crisp and yet wonderfully long-lasting: our lunch is ideal for all those who want to experience a lot in a shorter time. A well-paced entertainment on the rushing flavour rollercoaster!

Lunch Vegan

Free of animal products and jam-packed with sensationally delicious dishes: thanks to laborious techniques and perfect craftsmanship, our vegan lunch adaption will win you over with the power of flavor you have come to expect.