Kolibri x Berlin

This menu is homage to our hometown Berlin: the dishes combine the regional ingredients, food & flavours of our childhood with Tim Raue distinctive Asian-influenced spice world of sweetness, spiciness and acidity.


The menu with our most distinctively Asian-inspired dishes of recent years: a culinary melting pot of Thai flavours, Chinese & Japanese ingredients and all the inspiration Tim Raue has gathered on his travels.


The familiar play of flavours of sweetness, spiciness and acidity, but free of animal products and without sacrificing enjoyment. Typical Tim Raue creations are presented here in their vegan adaptation.

Wine List

Pure wine is poured by head sommelier Raphael Reichardt: With over 1000 positions entirely to his and Marie-Anne Wild and Tim Raue’s personal taste, wine is a matter close to the restaurant’s heart.


Short, crisp and yet wonderfully long-lasting: our lunch is ideal for all those who want to experience a lot in a shorter time. A well-paced entertainment on the rushing flavour rollercoaster!

Lunch Vegan

Free of animal products and jam-packed with sensationally delicious dishes: thanks to laborious techniques and perfect craftsmanship, our vegan lunch adaption will win you over with the power of flavor you have come to expect.